Lockdown Easing & Latest Update

As we approach the 17th of May and the easing of restrictions. We wanted to give you all an update on how the industry is performing and of course a look at what we have to offer as we move into better weather and outdoor living becomes much more of a reality.

Firstly lets talk about the Elephant in the room Product availability and price!

As we are all aware the Covid 19 Pandemic is of course affecting the whole world and unfortunately the rest of the world is yet to be anywhere near the vaccinated level that we here in the UK are currently at. This of course has a huge knock on effect throughout the entire supply line.


Quarry’s in India are still producing material all be it a reduced level. We have found that specialist product such as Bull-nosed steps and walling blocks ave been put on the back foot, However the core paving ranges are making there way across. As you may be aware India is still suffering hugely from the Pandemic as the current wave and variant tear across the country without prejudice. This of course is causing even more misery for the quarry’s as production starts to stall.



Global shipping has been and will continue to be the main source of delays and price rises for the coming months potentially the year. This is the culmination of world economies shutting down and the massive decrease in freight throughout the lock-downs. As certain economies open up the demand for product is overwhelming, with space at a premium on the ships the Sea Liners have hiked prices to double pre covid levels and now increasing to treble what it was before. This is the biggest driver of price throughout our industry. Although we had absorbed price increases throughout last year we have been left with no choice but to increase the price of our ranges.


Lockdown Easing

We have continued to operate throughout the pandemic and have sufficient social distancing measures and hand sanitisers in place to allow for a safe shopping experience. We certainly encourage anyone thinking of purchasing any of our paving range to come down and safely view our large display area to really get a feel for your chosen product. You can speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff and ask any questions you may have.



Lastly our stock situation is good! we have plenty of stock currently available with plenty on their way over. If you require anything else just ask us. We are always s here to help. We will not take your money unless we have 100% confirmation on the product arriving !

We hope you found this update useful and informative, if you have any questions that i have not covered here please email or call us and we will update as per response.

All that is left to say is we hope to see you soon and stay safe!

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