Summer Update 1.0

New Pine Sleepers

£29.98 Each Inc VAT

We have just received our last load of 2.4mtr New Pine Sleepers from Ukraine and they look fabulous, Green treated to HC3 these are ready to go for your Summer Garden project. Whether you have plans for a raised Planter, Retaining wall or even a cheeky Garden Bench you are sure to find these a treat to work with. At only £29.98 Each Inc VAT they will not be around for long. These cannot be ordered via our website due to haulage restrictions however delivery in house local deliverys can be catered for. Just give us a call if you are interested or drop us a mail.

Dove Grey

20mm Limestone Chippings

Dove Grey Chippings, Decorative Aggregates

£108.00 Inc VAT Ex Yard

We have ample stock of our Dove Grey 20mm Limestone chippings sold via a Bulk Bag, this product has a slightly harder wearing durability than the traditional Cotswold Chippings and as such has become a firm customer favourite. Covering an area of 10m2 based on a 40mm depth. £108.00 Inc VAT excluding delivery charges.

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